As one of the most popular creative networking groups in Manhattan, Adhesive NYC has upheld their core mission of “sticking creatives together” for over four years, building our member base from a mere ten participants to over 2,100 members. Our membership extends to a wide range of artists, consisting of photographers, photo assistants, art/film/video directors, retouchers, designers, hair/makeup/wardrobe stylists, producers, agents, and their assorted creative friends.


The purpose of Adhesive NYC is to stick like-minded creatives together in a casual environment. We provide a unique approach to industry functions, reviving face-to-face social networking (over drinks, of course)! The group was born in August of 2007, and has since then held monthly meetings at various public locales in New York City. The Frying Pan, Brooklyn Bowl, Sweet & Vicious, B-Bar, and photo studios such as Picture Ray Studios are just a few who have humbly welcomed us into their venues.


Each event is spread through our membership base by way of email, one being a Save the Date and the other, a reminder of the approaching event. As a result of that mailing, each event draws approximately 150-250 people depending on the season, weekday, and weather, among other variables.


Adhesive NYC is a not-for-profit organization. Membership is free. There are, however, three rules to membership.

1) You must be creative in your work and/or interests.
2) You must be friendly.
3) You must wear a name tag. No matter how cool you think you are.



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